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[For international fans] MBC Music K-Plus Concert in Viet Nam

24-26th March, It will be MBC Music K-Plus Concert in Vietnam at My Dinh stadium in Ha Noi. I’m Woo – ChanBaekVN Founder, although my favorite idols (EXO) will not join but I still creat this topic for international fans who will come to Ha Noi for this concert. This post is about transportation, accomodation, food/drink and relax. I hope that all of you will have a great time in my country. If you need to ask anything others, send mail to chanbaekvn@gmail.com. or send DM to Twitter ChanBaekVN. I’m glad to help you!

Maybe will update more


– Venue: My Dinh National Stadium
– Time: 24 – 26th March, 2017
– Line-up:
+ Korean: 세븐 (Se7en) .이엑스아이디 (EXID) . 에이핑크 (APink) . 세븐틴 (Seventeen) . 라붐(Laboum) . 헤일로 (Halo) . 아이스 (I.C.E) . 비아이지 (B.I.G) . 마스크 (MASC) . 앤씨야 (NC.A) . 봄이 (Bom-i) . DJ DOC
+ Viet Nam: Tuấn Hưng, Noo Phước Thịnh, Tóc Tiên, Hoàng Thùy Linh
– Schedule:
+ 24 – 26th March: exhibition, shopping, game, try to wear Hanbok, foods & drinks, …
+ Only 25 & 26th March: music fesstival

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