[For international fans] MBC Music K-Plus Concert in Viet Nam

24-26th March, It will be MBC Music K-Plus Concert in Vietnam at My Dinh stadium in Ha Noi. I’m Woo – ChanBaekVN Founder, although my favorite idols (EXO) will not join but I still creat this topic for international fans who will come to Ha Noi for this concert. This post is about transportation, accomodation, food/drink and relax. I hope that all of you will have a great time in my country. If you need to ask anything others, send mail to chanbaekvn@gmail.com. or send DM to Twitter ChanBaekVN. I’m glad to help you!

Maybe will update more


– Venue: My Dinh National Stadium
– Time: 24 – 26th March, 2017
– Line-up:
+ Korean: 세븐 (Se7en) .이엑스아이디 (EXID) . 에이핑크 (APink) . 세븐틴 (Seventeen) . 라붐(Laboum) . 헤일로 (Halo) . 아이스 (I.C.E) . 비아이지 (B.I.G) . 마스크 (MASC) . 앤씨야 (NC.A) . 봄이 (Bom-i) . DJ DOC
+ Viet Nam: Tuấn Hưng, Noo Phước Thịnh, Tóc Tiên, Hoàng Thùy Linh
– Schedule:
+ 24 – 26th March: exhibition, shopping, game, try to wear Hanbok, foods & drinks, …
+ Only 25 & 26th March: music fesstival


When you arrive at Noi Bai International Airport, Ha Noi, there are three ways heading to the venue or to inner city.

– Change your money into Viet Nam Dong in your country or at Noi Bai airport
– Choose/book hotel before you take a taxi. If you choose/book hotel when you are in Viet Nam, It will lose too much time.
– Outside the airport, you must pay everything by Viet Nam Dong except some places

1. Taxi
– It’s the fatest way, cheap if you have friend(s) (you can share the bill). Because It will be expensive if you go alone. Using taxi from the airport to inner city is about 17$-20$. It may take about 45-60 minutes depend on traffic status in Ha Noi. Taxi is always parking outside, there are many “fake” taxi so you should be carefully and choose some following famous taxi companies.

– Show your hotel’s information exactly to driver. You can’t spell Vietnamese and almost taxi drivers are not good at English.


– Mai Linh Taxi: +8438383838 (more expensive than other brands)

ho-so-mai-linh-group-ong-vua-om-yeu-cua-thi-truong-taxi 1416196127taxi-mai-linh-07d38

– Ba Sao Taxi: +8432323232

IMG_8083-700x466 Gay sach 3 sao

– Hà Nội Taxi: +8438535353



– Thành Công Taxi: +8432575757 (cheap)


– Thanh Nga Taxi: +8438251251 (cheap)


– Phù Đổng Taxi: +8432666666



2. Bus
It’s a good ideal If you have many times and want to save money. But It’s not a good ideal for people who come to Vietnam for the 1st time because maybe you will be lost TT_TT If you have a friend who is Vietnamese, so great!
Be CAREFULLY about your assets (money, wallet, camera, ….), there are many STEALERS on bus
– Bus No. 07 named Cầu Giấy – Nội bài
+ Fee: 7.000 VND (~0.3$) for 1 ticket/person
+ The lastest busstop is Nghĩa Đô park, far away from the venue about 6km
– Bus No. 86 named City center – Nội bài
+ Fee: 30.000 VND (~1.5$) for 1 ticket/person
+ The lastest busstop is Ha Noi center, you can traveling but far away from the venue about 15km
3. Mini bus
– Always parking outside, 14 seats car, driver will wait until full people on car
– Fee depends on place you want to go, usually fee I had paid in the past is 100.000 VND (~5$) for 1 person
– Tell driver where you want to go, If you can’t spell, write on paper or type on your phone


***Around my house, far from the venue about 3-4kilometers***
– Use taxi: 10 minutes

1. Cầu Giấy Hotel /It’s being builed again/
– Address: No. 110 Cau Giay street
– Phone number: +8438332951
– Mail: caugiayhotel@vnn.vn
– Standard: 3 ☆
– Website: http://caugiayhotelhanoi.com.vn/

2. Quan Hoa Hotel
– Address: No. 20, lane 165 Cau Giay street
– Phone number: +8438338075
– Mail: quanhoa_hotel@yahoo.com
– Standard: 2 ☆
– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QuanHoaHotel

3. Hoàng Anh Mini Hotel
– Address: No. 209 Cau Giay street
– Phone number: +8438335986

4. Thủy Ngư Mini Hotel
– Address: No. 61, lane 165, Xuan Thuy street
– Phone number: +8439482934
– Mail: thuyngu@gmail.com

5. Luxeden Hotel
– Address: No. 18A Tran Thai Tong street
– Phone number: +84337958925 / +8437958926 / +8437958927
– Mail: van.anh.hoang@luxedenhotel.vn
– Standard: 3 ☆
– Website: http://luxedenhotel.vn/

6. Esalen Hotel
– Address: No. 49 lane 165, Xuan Thuy street
– Phone number: +8437956390 / +8437956391 / +8412608842
– Website: http://www.esalen.vn/

7. Brandi Sakura Hotel
– Address: No. 76 Duy Tan street
– Phone number: +8437959788 / +84916390056
– Mail: info@brandihotel.com
– Website: http://brandihotel.com/ / FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/brandihanoihotel

***Near the venue***
– Using taxi: 5-10 minutes
– Around the venue, security in the evening is really NOT SAFE. If you are a girl and walk alone, maybe many bad guys will kidding you!!! Trust me, I’m serious.

1. Ping Hanoi Hotel
– Address: No. 26-28 Me Tri Ha street
– Phone number: +8437858408 / +8437858409
– Mail: sales@pinghotel.vn / info@pinghotel.vn
– Standard: 3 ☆
– Website: http://pinghotel.com/ / FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pinghanoihotel

2. Crowne Plaza Hanoi: It’s the nearest hotel from the venue but expensive. You can walk to the venue
– Idols who used to stay: TVXQ, HyunAh, B1A4, B.A.P, CNBlue, FT Island, T-ara, SISTAR, Ailee, Brown Eyed Girls, …
– Address: No. 36 Le Duc Tho street, My Dinh ward
– Phone number: +8462706688
– Mail: hotel@crowneplazawesthanoi.com
– Standard: 5 ☆
– Website: http://www.crowneplaza.com
– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crowneplazahanoi
– Other services: swimming, resort, plaza, restaurant, …

3. Grand Plaza Hanoi
– Idols who used to stay: Super Junior, BEAST, CNBlue, MBLAQ, SISTAR, …
– Address: No. 117 Tran Duy Hung street, Trung Hoa ward
– Phone number: +8435551000
– Standard: 4 ☆
– Website: http://grandplazahanoi.net/
– Other services: resort, plaza, restaurant, …

4. KeangNam Landmark 72
– Idols who used to stay: T-ara, …
– Address: Landmark 72 building, Lô E6, Pham Hung street
– Phone number: +84337723801
– Standard: 4 ☆
– Website: http://landmark72.com/
– Other services: cinema, resort, plaza, restaurant, swimming, …


1. Feeling Tea
– Address: No. 112 Ho Tung Mau street
– Price:
+ Bubble tea: 14.000VND – 25.000VND/glass (~0,7$-1,2$/glass)
+ Sandwich: 25.000VND/one (~1,2$/one)
+ Hamburger: 30.000VND/one (~1,5$/one)
+ Others: from about 20.000VND/one (~1$/one)
– Menu: bubble tea, sandwich, hambuger, ice-blended, sushi, …

Old menus in 2014

10649981_845343748838471_7666108913487318718_n 10404856_845344198838426_6598114567751320330_n

2. Urban Station Coffee
– Address: No. 29 Xuan Thuy street
– Price: start about 14.000/glass or cup upto (~0.7$ upto)
– Menu: http://www.urbanstation.com.vn/index.php/menu

– Address: No. 60 Ho Tung Mau street
– Price: 25.000VND/one upto (~1,2$/one upto)
– Menu: bubble tea, Tokoyaki, juice, tea, …

4. Fresh Garden
– Address: No. 304 Cau Giay street
– Price: 17.000VND/one – 400.000VND/one (~0,8$/one – 19$/one)
– Menu: sandwich, cake, birthday cake, bubble tea, lemon tea, candy, …

5. Shogun – Japanese BBQ
– Address: No. 10 Dich Vong Hau street
– Price: 50.000VND/one upto (2.5$/one upto)
– Menu: meat, beef, seafood, juice, tea, …

6. Lotteria
– Address:
+ Lotteria Trần Thái Tông: Khu Đô Thị Mới Dịch Vọng, Lô C, Ô D5, Tran Thai Tong street
+ Lotteria Cầu Giấy: No. 298 Cau Giay street, Cau Giay district, Ha Noi
– Menu: chicken, Pepsi, Fanta, tea, ice-cream, hambuger, fish, egg, …

7. KFC
– Address: No. 372-374 Cau Giay street
– Menu: Cocacola, chicken, hambuger, tea, egg, …

8. The Pizza Company
– Address: No. 333 Cau Giay street
– Price: 25.000VNĐ/one – 300.000VND/one (~1,2$/one – 15$/one)
– Menu: http://www.thepizzacompany.com.vn/Pages/1088/thuc-don.html

9. HAT Snack Rounds – Fast Food
– Address: No. 19A Ngõ 9, Tran Quoc Hoan street
– Price: 12.000VND/one – 60.000VND/one (~0,6$/one – 2,9$/one)
– Menu: rice, potato, chicken, bread, soup, Cocacola, …

10. TOUS les JOUR
– Address: No. 239 Xuan Thủy street
– Price: 14.000VND/ome – 400.000VND/one (~0,7$/one – 19$/one)
– Menu: cake, birthday cake, chocolate, coffee, milk, …

11. Ding Tea
– Address: No. 114 Ho Tung Mau street
– Menu: bubble tea, juice, milk, …


12. Gogi House – Korean BBQ
– Address: No. 103 D5A Tran Thai Tong street, Cau Giay district, Ha Noi
– Menu: meat, beef, kimchi, juice, tea, …

13. On the road, there are many restaurants, coffee shops, cake shops, mini super markets, markets, … You can enter if you want and of crouse be CAREFULLY about your assets (money, wallet, camera, ….) ESPECIALLY when you enter market. Market is always full people.


– Somewhere near the venue, somwhere far

1. Indochina Plaza Hanoi
– Address: No. 241 Xuan Thuy street
– Website: http://www.iph.vn/
– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IPHShoppingCenter
– Other services: shopping, KFC, Highlands Coffee, Buger King, bakery, super market, cinema, …

2. Royal City
– Address: No. 72A Nguyen Trai street
– Website: royalcity.com.vn
– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vinhomes-Royal-City-404929323022538
– Other services: shopping, KFC, Lotteria, Highlands Coffee, Buger King, super market, cinema, The Pizza Company, …

3. The Garden Shopping Center
– Address: No. 72A Nguyen Trai street
– Website: http://thegarden.com.vn/
– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thegardenhanoi
– Other services: shopping, Lotteria, super market, cinema, …


_From: Woo @ ChanBaekVN with love_


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